Gautam Mago steps down from Sequoia Portfolio Companies
In what appears to be the final step in Gautam Mago's transition from Sequoia portfolio companies he managed, regulatory filings indicate that he recently stepped down from the Boards of Oyo Rooms, Mobikwik, Porter, BankBazaar and Urban Ladder.

In letters dated December 30, 2017 addressed to the Boards of Directors of these companies, Mago, the Sequoia nominee on these Boards, indicated that he was resigning with immediate effect.

Mago clarified that his resignation was without prejudice to the rights of Sequoia Capital India to nominate a director to the Board of Directors.

He also stepped down from the Board of Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private Limited on the same day.

In Focus - Raman Roy
Raman Roy, Chairman and Managing Director of Quatrro, has been a prolific investor with 24 startups under his belt.

The new Chairman of NASSCOM is widely regarded as the father of India's BPO industry. But he appears to be actively engaged with the product side of things, when you consider the size of his startup portfolio.

On the flip side though, his investments generally appear to have been sourced / routed via IAN (the Indian Angel Network).

Toolbox has his detailed portfolio.

In Focus - Lakshmi Narayanan
The former CEO and Vice-chairman of Cognizant has been investing in startups since 2012. But he's picked up the pace since stepping down from the IT services major.

Mr Narayanan averages 6-7 investment a year.

His portfolio consists of 16 startups and he has cumulatively invested ₹11.4 Crores over a 5 year period.

While most of his investments have been routed via TCA, the Chennai-based angel network, some of his more notable investments have been outside a network. These include Furlenco, MedGenome, Yoga Bars and TrueHB.

He invested ₹4 Cr in Furlenco, ₹3.2 Cr in MedGenome, ₹69.9 Lakhs in Yoga Bars and ₹49.5 Lakhs in TrueHB.

Akash Goel joins Trifecta Capital
Akash Goel is now a partner at Trifecta Capital. Akash was previously a Vice President at Bessemer Venture Partners’ India office.
Mukesh Bansal steps down from Rivigo's board
Mukesh Bansal, the co-founder of Curefit, has stepped down from the Board of Directors of Rivigo, the Gurgaon-based logistics tech company. Press reports in 2017 reported that Softbank was looking to invest ~ $200 million in Rivigo. This could be a step in that direction.